This is a total repost from Love Aesthetics. I know, I know, it's lazy, but trust me, it's well worth it.

The following are photos from Nicholas Alan Cope's book Whitewash, with a foreword by Rick Owens. Out on April 16.

I love this - it could not be any more different from the dirty, exciting LA I know. You should go to her original post because lord knows I'm not the best at describing what I like. I go on tangents where the sentences are too long and probably aren't grammatically correct and I use too many fillers and it sounds like a crazed 2nd grader is speaking. So click here

PS: Love Aesthetics must be one of my favorites out there. She's super consistent, she has a ridiculous eye for detail, the posts are so well put together and my amount of respect for her pushed me to write a gushing comment on her blog to which she reciprocated back when this blog was in its wee, butt-ugly days. Which is pretty embarrassing given what a mess this blog is compared to hers. But whatever. It's mine.

PPS: In case you can't tell, I got the idea of doing the mix matched image sizes thing from her. I still can't seem to get the proportions right but whatever. I'll get there.

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