I watched this talk over Spring Break. The speaker is Chip Kidd, the book designer. He's pretty entertaining and I really how he explains the importance of an attractive book cover.

He designed the cover for IQ84.

I have it on my Kindle.

I know absolutely nothing about the novel. The cover intrigues me - it's why I want to read the book. So when I sat down to read it on the Kindle, I couldn't get past the first paragraph. I need to feel the heftiness and the satisfaction of flipping through the pages and seeing exactly how far I'm into the book instead of a percentage. I like looking back at the cover every once in a while and see how each time the cover becomes more and more familiar, more personal. That being said, Kindles are great for poolside reading - there's no glare and it weighs next to nothing. Kindles are meant for easy reads, books you don't care enough about to buy and keep and admire on your shelf.

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