I have not been able to get enough of Friday Night Lights lately, and for some inexplicable reason, I have been super inspired by Lyla Garrity. I bought small hoop earrings and a lavender (important note: not black) bra - two things that I borrowed from Lyla.

Also - I wear loads of black and now, with my new tan, I look a little too dark all around, so I've been trying to lighten up my look a little with some white. I bought this yesterday after I got off work early (!) and it's quite cozy. I decided over spring break that I'm going to make an effort to dress a bit more femme so I figured white was a good place to start. So far I did well on Monday, but the rest of the days I reverted back to non-femme and even went so far as to wear the wholly unflattering plaid shirt - outright rebellion against my plan. 

Baby steps though. Baby steps. I'm trying to (slightly) reverse a good 6 years of the same style so we cannot expect a drastic change in just one week.

PS Most of my pageviews are from France and the majority of entries are direct URL, aka people are typing in my URL which is good. I only get 1 entry from Google Reader, which is from my sister. But my burning desire is to know who in France is looking at my blog!!! Either way, I think it's pretty cool that I get so many direct URL entries so thank you to whoever's out there!

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