I did these two while watching Factory Girl on my flight back from St. Barths. I've been thinking quite a bit lately about what my "motivation" is for all of these things I'm designing and the only thing that's remained constant is the idea of "memory". My problem is that I'm not sure if that translates to anyone but myself, and at the same time, I'm not sure if I care a whole lot about that right now. And basically the only thing that's linking these to memories are the fact that I remember exactly when I took these photos. I also have a love affair with film grain right now, as you can see.

The first photo is of my hair and a screenshot of Factory Girl, zoomed in. The second photo is me on a lazy Sunday and then two trees outside my window that I use over and over again.

I'm not stressing too much over my message or motivation, I think this blog is motivation enough - trying to figure it all out. So for now, I'm fine making things that I think just look good  and knowing exactly when and where and what mood I was in when I took the photos. It's all personal. Like this blog. An online journal.

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