Original photo on the left, edit on the right. 

I really like using Mariel's camera but sometimes the clarity of the photos bug me. Like if I'm taking photos of just the landscape or something (wow that's cheesy), I think the photos look really corny. I like the grainy-ness of the webcam photos and the disposable ones. But I also like "softer" looking photos, sort of like this. So I've been teaching myself how to add textures on photos and I'm digging it. Granted I added grain to an already grainy photo, but whatever, I like it. 

As for the animal, I totally guessed on gazelle. The head looks like a cow and the horns are nearly gazelle-like but I always liked gazelles (that was a full-fledged lie, I honestly have no opinion on them). All I know about gazelles is that that once someone called me and my sister gazelle (in French) and my dad said that was a compliment. Memory !

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