my balcony

I took the first one at 9am and the second one at 5pm. There's a fugly Hansel & Gretel style building right in front (you can see the roof) and It really effs up the photos sometime.

Once I was taking loads of photos and B said something like "Oh you really like to take photos huh" and it sounded really sarcastic and I didn't really know how to respond because at Lincoln people always made fun of photography students because they claimed it wasn't really artistic and it's sort of true that the majority of photography students really didn't do anything creative and their stuff was kind of boring. But then there are really good photographers so I don't think it's fair for a lot of them to be like boo hoo photography isn't real art boo hoo. And I sort of kind of had that same mentality till B said he was trying to encourage me since I want to be more consciously creative.

But I was on the bus back from Sonos listening to some Aaliyah and Geto Boys and I was thinking about why I like to take so many photos all the time and it's not because I think I'm super artsy (I'm actually semi-secretly insecure about my "artsy-ness" which is why I started this blog) or that I take fabulous photos, it's just that I like memories and I like looking back at stuff and remembering random things about what happened. And then there's the whole I'm-going-to-get-Alzheimer's-and-my-husband-will-read-all-my-journals-to-me-and-I'll-be-living-in-the-Notebook fantasy (which I tell so many people about) and so I like to document things. I would honestly take photos of everything I see to document it but I would feel like such a tool if I just whipped out Mariel's fat camera and crouched down and did all sorts of artsy-photographer things.

So I don't really know what to do about all these stupid photos I have but whatever. It'll come to me one day.