i dunno

I have no idea what I'm doing. The plan was to work on my design project (where I make a spread and I'm going to somehow link this blog together with my tumblr) and I was planning on taking one of my many selfies and doing this to them:
Josef Albers, Self Portrait, 1928.
and then that way it would be linked since this blogspot is all me and selfies and the tumblr is more for where I keep things like that, like cool stuff I wanna do. But I don't have a good enough selfie so I'm going to have to take one tomorrow when there's better light.

So then I thought scanning my hand and trying to get cool super light and transparent hands would be a good idea. I even scanned my face, which created many lols. I deleted those though, they were actually atrocious.

Both of these ideas are pure crap right now...I do not know what to do right now.

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