more meeee

Okay so this was my final project for my design class. We all had to do a cover for a magazine called "I am" so this is what I did. I also kind of exaggerated on how much of a "sensation" I am. But lulzzz I have a fake article about my blog on my blog now!!

I don't know how I feel about the design class b/c I like some of the projects (except the movie poster one, did not like at all) but then I just felt like I half assed a lot of things b/c I felt like I had to work more on my major stuff (business bleh) than design. And then I just didn't like it and I don't think Ewa liked it and it was just lame. So now I'm doing all my business classes so that my last 1.5 yrs will be mostly my comm design minor. Phew.

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