Here comes another mother post. All these photos I just haven't had the time to edit or upload until half-heartedly now. I find that when I'm really enjoying myself I don't have the time or motivation to upload as often as I usually do - after spending some time away from LA this past year I am pretty sure it's not the place I want to be....I don't feel fully comfortable there and also I feel a little stifled creatively. I also really hate how you cannot go anywhere without a car and the last thing I want when I graduate is to deal with a car, so my plan is to move right away. Going to be spending so so so much time next year saving money & looking for jobs overseas.

Okay now that I've gotten that off the chest, here are some photos I've been taking since being here. London really is a great great city tbh.

When I first started at work I took a ridiculous amount of selfies and shoefies (shoe-selfies).

The curtains in Andy's sister's living area - v nice when I'd sleep there and wake up and see that (because pull-out sofa was my bed every few nights), then a bored selfie at work (my gold star selfie look at that pose) and a shoefie before they got all muddied up. 

When it first rained here I really didn't understand what I was supposed to do. Not seen rain since December basically.
I think it was this day that Andy and I went to Keu! which is a Vietnamese bahn mi place just around the corner from work - very yum but not as yum as it could have been I believe. This was back in the early days of work when Andy would be at a coffee shop nearby doing his own work and I could pop down for a little chat and break.  

Not allowed to take photos of Andy (lol v funny) but near the end of my first week of work I somehow lost my keys and the lady living with me would be gone for the whole weekend - was very stressful. I had gone from Shoreditch all the way west to where I'm living and then realized I lost my keys and had to go alllll the way back to Hampstead and ugh boy was that a trek and a half. I had to borrow clothes too big and the only pants I had were silky sweats and Alex Turner was in the studio for some time and I looked sloppier than ever. Tbh very typical. Veryrrryryry typical.

And here are some more photos from Tate - very great photography and commentary on my part (just as forewarning) 

My favorite closeups - I think closeups are a great way for me to photograph other people's arts. Then I can retitle them whichever way I want. First is called "a chaotic killing" (alliteration thank you!), second is "great lighting at tate", third is "i wish i was rich" and fourth is "this is what a menstrual cycle looks like" (do you get it?? Because it's red paint in circular fashion).

Going in for the CDG nose wipe!!!

Modern bathrooms @ Tate Modern (haha)

On trend tate, on trend (w the marble u guys)

QT (will prob not like that I've posted it but w/eeee)

Then on May 25 we were walking around and passed a church so decided to go in and check it out. Was a nice one, pretty typical looking church: 

Now I was raised Catholic and I rejected it immensely as per usual when it comes to angst-ridden teens, and even now I don't go to church or pray (unless I'm really desperate and I'm like Please God I promise I'll pray more regularly instead of only when I really really need it (never happens really but I am a good person)) but I don't think there's anything wrong with a little appreciation, regardless of who you're "talking" to!!! So I love lighting the little candles in there for the people I love and being "K guys pls stay safe" and then saying in my head what I'm thankful for because I think it's important to realize how much you've got etc...

For example, thankful for ICCO PIZZA

Back in Hong Kong there was Paisanos (?? spelling??) pizza and I could always rely on it to be there in its huge, cheesey, greasy glory oh my was it the pizza to end all pizzas. Not like the healthy sort or the ones you find in nice restaurants, instead this was the pizza you wanted to eat but never did, or the pizza you secretly loved but instead you went for the "gourmet" stuff that leaves your fingers clean, spic n span. Anyway, one day I was really craving the good stuff and so Andy searched for good pizza and found ICCO. The first time we went we were like yeah, k this is good pizza but not the best. Then we went again and again (with the price at no more than £6) and it's won a place in my heart. Especially because once when we left I spotted a £20 note on the ground which financed the following day's rollerblading in Hyde Park, bless the ICCO angels.

Okay now to finish off this massive post - my godmother visited me for the weekend and we did a lot of eating, drinking, visiting and shopping.

First is food - Harvey Nichols for breakfast (LOL) and then YoSushi, then Lido's Dim Sum in Chinatown (I think I go to Chinatown at least once a week I love it). And an architecture shot (LOL):

Another church by Trafalgar Square:

Then we went to a museum called Royal Academy of Art and it was all old-ish art and that art makes me sleepy which is why you are blessed with that photo of me:


K so now I have all of June to go through.....r u excited??? I took everything on iPhone but for July I'm going to use my real camera which really just means that editing is going 2 take forever. But all in the name of remembering stuff so I don't loose my mind when I'm 60 right??!!!

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