I promised a post and it's a week (more than a week now) late but here it is! I meant for it to be a post of everything since being here but that's about a month's worth of stuff and I need to take better photos and I am going to be working backstage at LCM tomorrow and should be sleeping by now, so I think if tomorrow night I'm not too tired I'm going to write more, like a little catch up for me (n u if u r interested), but for now here are some photos of when A & I went to the Tate a few weeks ago. All photos either on iPhone 4 or 5 and all prettttty much unedited.

OKAY I AM SO SORRY THIS HAS GOT TO BE THE WORST POST EVER. But I have to wake up around 7ish and get to the studio vvvvv early before we go to Victoria House. I'm going 2 try and document tomorrow as much as possible and then do a decent (actually decent) blog post soon. It's just that I've been busy going around town and stuff and when you don't have school to worry about, I have more time to do my own design work and so the blog has unfortunately (like really badly) come second. BUT the design project I'm doing is great and I'm going 2 get back on my blogging game soon because now London feels like Home and I want to move here.

ALSO before I go, fotos were all in the style of teget.

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