this could be called 'what i do when i'm bored'

A mix of photos from the past weeks. Whenever I get bored I just take a lot of photos with big ideas about what I'm going to do with them, but usually they're less cool when I look at them when I'm not bored. So I just do the most minimal tweaking ever and post kind of useless, very long and photo heavy posts. But here's some LA from my point of view.

First two pics were when I was waiting for Mariel to get to me. Was so so bored and I took billions of photos and sang along w/my songs even though people were walking by. Then it goes: picture of my porch, pretty sunset run in the neighborhood, a warehouse in downtown LA, photo outside the library (my place to die) (can you believe we voluntarily go there), my favorite outfit because it's very comfortable and I get to wear my favorite shoes, my favorites shoes, a variation of my favorite outfit (jeans instead of silky sweats).

How's this fashion blog going? I think y'all are really getting to my see my personal style. But honestly I'm wearing that sweater right this second and I'm about to take a break from studying to go clean off my shoes so they stay blindingly bright. 

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