There is a restaurant on campus where none of the waiters speak English but they have bok choy so it's where I get my vegetable fix. They gave us tea to complete the clean-your-own-utensils sequence, which was a tad bit unexpected for me because I'm already new to the whole concept that your dishes come half-clean, but then to throw tea on top of that! What a crazy world we all live in. Jenny and I were on a budget so we tried to keep it very simple - they have loads of options but we stuck to the college menu where everything is around 15HKD. We ended up being 4HKD short so we asked the one white lady in the room to help us out (and then we scurried out of there).

I would wish I knew the name but it doesn't really matter because they aren't the friendliest of people. It's like they don't expect college students even though they are on a  c o l l e g e   c a m p u s.

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