Low Classic starts conquering Europe with minimal approach and clean lines. This unique korean clothing brand was established couple of years ago in Seoul by Lee Myeong Sin, Hwang Hyun Ji and Park Jin Sun. Tailored jackets and other classical pieces in moderate colours are juxtaposed with very modern, youthful silhouettes, mesh fabrics and quirky pleats. 

This september LOW CLASSIC held their newest collection independently in Choong-Ang high school located in Gyedong, Seoul. Applause for the beautiful photo coverage of this event to Jin Yong Kim.

Words: Low Classic, Thisispaper
Photography: Jin Yong Kim

Can you tell that I am obsessed? These are all my goals. I don't know if I'm getting to them right now but where is the nearest Kinkos so I can print these out in quality and put them all up in my room.

First project when I get back home. This will be on my ceiling so it is the first and last thing I see so I can breathe it in and become everything in these photos. Is that too far? Because it's not.

And then these are similar photos I found on tumblrs, which I think are the same but idk, they have the same style and OH MY GOD I AM SO IN LOVE. I THINK I'M GOING TO BE TOO HAPPY EVERY TIME I LOOK AT THESE.

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