The weather wasn't ideal on this camping trip but it didn't matter so much. Had the sun been out, the heat would have been too extreme. It would have been nice to have a typical sunny beach trip so we are definitely going back when the sun is out. And everyone was prepping me for the "hike" to come - it was supposed to be an hour long and really steep and blah blah blah but it was paved! I was ready for a real hike through the forest and the wilderness but nope, it was all laid out for us and the steep part was over in 20 minutes. Not bad at all...

There's the view. Don't get me wrong, I prefer the paved road to wonderland.

We had a huge group & this wasn't even all of us, there were two girls and one guy missing from the photo.

And when we got to the beach there were locals and tourists alike setting up camp. After some food and drinks we decided to get started on our camp.

That was the tent I helped put up. It was by far the worst tent and there were definitely some key pieces missing and something was wrong with the canvas but it worked and somehow three tall boys managed to stay there overnight. I should have taken a photo..their feet were all hanging out of the entrance.

Then we set up a fire and relaxed the night away. Of course it rained a few times and as soon as we put the tents away in the morning it really started to rain.. We had to wait until noon for the boat to take us back and it was about one of the craziest boat rides ever - our driver had no fear of the waves and I flew off my seat (as in my butt was in the air) at least ten times. There was no seat padding and I was wearing a flimsy sundress and I'm quite surprised my bum wasn't bruised up.

I'll leave you with a photo of all of us after the boat ride. Definitely disheveled but still a very happy group.

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