You know those people who look normal and fine while keeping their mouths closed? I think it's because they actually have eyelids and you can see that little crease that's formed above the eyes. I do have eyelids, obviously, but mine are very puffy and cause me to look extremely moody when I try not to smile. But then smiling into a webcam is a bit ridiculous and I look like such a goon and then when you "publish" (can you believe I'm allowed to "publish" content like this?) it, it's too obvious that you think you look like an untouchable babe.

Anyway, I thought my skin looked great here and being positive about yourself is awesome so soak in the the selfie.

I had my first day of work at RZ on Monday, going in again tomorrow. Maybe when I'm more busy I'll post more? Because the days that I do nothing, the last thing I want to do is try and make a cute blog post. We'll see. (I just read through my blog a bit and a lot of it is talking about how I'll post more or whatever. Maybe I should just shut up about it and do it already)

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