I have long stopped trying to get more followers and whatnot on my tumblr and started to reblog photos I liked. It's been nice but also maybe a bit of a self-esteem killer when as soon as I tried to be more "me" I lost almost 100 followers....I was at 1,200 at the beginning of the year and now I'm at just over 1,100. But then I remember that the people who unfollowed me liked my old posts, which now sort of make me cringe because they were so "tumblr-y".

Anyway, if you head over there you'll see a lot of photos where there clearly is one main color. There are a ton of them and I'll get to posting them because I really enjoy it. I think I'll just do a white and pink one soon. The pinks are great, not to be disrespectful to the whites.

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