I have not had the best of luck when it comes to biking in the past few days. I haven't fallen on my bike for a few years (literally, years), but lately I've been having some trouble staying on it. View below:
 This one, on my thigh, happened because I ran into a gate on my way to Ralph's. No reason, just a little bump on the sidewalk that had never before been a problem, and oops! there I go, taking a sharp left into the gate. That one lasted for a bit.
This one, on my calf, was because a girl, also on her bike, ran into me as I was leaving Ralph's while carrying a bag of groceries (the bruise was way cooler looking when it was ripe, it's now fading away a bit) I was already at a disadvantage given that I was only biking with one hand, and boom! I fly onto Adams, brake, and proceed to fall on my back. There was a bruise on my lower back / bum, but I decided a photo wasn't necessary. The arm one only showed up after the weekend so I don't know what happened there. It's pretty multi-colored up close, the webcam doesn't pick it up.

And today, the green light was on for pedestrians, so I go, naturally. Then some idiot driver starts turning and his car rams my foot and I just screamed some profanities (probably a lot louder than I remember because I was wearing headphones) and went on my way because I had just left a very confusing review session.

Ugh. And my right foot is really puffed up right now (no photo necessary). Don't know what my body is doing to me. I'm going to my professor's office hours to try and figure out what I'm about to be tested on. I'm a little worried, though, because I'll be biking there.

Peace out & enjoy Doheny's ceiling!

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