I just got out of my accounting final and saw this on the way home. I figure their morning is probably worse than mine. There were 2 cars behind those ones with scratch marks and stuff so I'm thinking some car just scraped past everything. 

Anyway, the final wasn't so bad. It was challenging and not as easy as the second midterm but definitely much more doable than the first midterm, aka the big break down. Although I did feel queasy while taking the test - I have physical reactions to tests, like my ears get hot and my hands start sweating and if I look at a question I don't know, I actually feel like I'm going to be sick. I have to tell myself to relax every 2 seconds. 

It may have been worse this time, though, because I had a Rockstar and 3 cups of coffee yesterday and could not fall asleep. Once I did I proceeded to have the most restless night ever. So maybe I should not do that again.

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