I have less than a month of classes left until the school year is (almost) over. I'm blocking finals out of my mind right now. No need to think about that. And because this is the last stretch, all business professors are piling on the quizzes and (ugh) group projects, so I've been a bit busy. I have a midterm tomorrow and I used to be so ~crazy~ about not taking a break and studying 4 or 5 days in advance but I've realized that it's simply a waste of time. Anything I learned 2 days prior to the exam never stays and I end up having to deal with the stress of the test for way too long and I literally break

Wow, I just re-read that post I linked and holy jesus what was happening.

That being said, I have relaxed and decided to do what all other business majors do: cram. I took a nice hour break to meet up with Mariel and Comrade at the pizza place by campus. For some reason I kept referring to the pizza place as a burger place and in a fit of extreme boredom, texted this to Comrade (because Mariel wasn't responding as quickly as I wanted her to): "I'm sooooo bored when r u guys going to burger place?"

When I got there I asked him how their night out was and we both unknowingly made the same facial expression while Mariel snapped away on her phone. It's pretty funny.

Excuse the massively long personal post. I needed it and I know you did too, dear readers.

PS: My eyes aren't fully closed godddddamnit of course
PPS: Even the guy in the middle is doing it!!!

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