I ordered a pair of shoes on the third day of school in a boring class (never do that people. Learn from me). I got the shoes (after conveniently forgetting I spent $65 [JC shoes, they're always a bit of a disappointment when you receive them] on them) and realized how unnecessary they are so I promptly returned them.

A few weeks later (aka this past Monday) I checked my bank account to see if I had gotten the deposit (because I'm on top of things and check for this stuff right away) and I did. Now, mind you, I checked this after a very discouraging bout of accounting homework past midnight, and I saw that yes, I did get my deposit. I've been checking up on this sweatshirt on Ebay since last semester (after copious depressing bouts of stats homework) and when I saw that I had my $65 back, I thought to myself, "Well, this has been in the back of your tiny little head for the past few months. You are officially $65 richer than before, go ahead, little one, and treat yourself."

Well, I got it in the mail yesterday after forgetting I even purchased it in the wee hours of the morning. And I couldn't be happier.

{let's see how many photobooth photos from the waist up I can post on this blog}
{maybe I should just do self-timer w/the nice camera}

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