I'm in the library therefore I take photos of myself. I'm also not motivated at all. I took two v similar photos, layered them and edited them a little bit. I can't stop layering photos even if it doesn't make a lot of sense. Let's hope I learn to do something else in Photoshop soon.

I also thought I could do a health update again because I like to hold myself accountable. So this is what I've done this week:

Saturday 2/2: Ran w/Mariel. We went at a slow pace and I enjoyed it. Only 2 miles
Sunday 2/3: Decided to go at a slow pace again. Ran for 1 hour and did 6.6 miles
Monday 2/4: No cardio, went to yoga class and we focused on arms. My arms were sore.
Tuesday 2/5: Ran at a slow pace again. Did 1 hour and 7 miles
Wednesday 2/6: V leisure stationary bike (had reading to do) and then yoga. My arms!!!
Thursday 2/7: Ran 3 miles
Friday 2/8: Ran 3 miles
Today: I'm taking a rest day. I'm going to try a longer run tomorrow again

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  1. Nice photo! and keep up the great work!