Sophie, Henri and I spent a combined total of 1 day in Seattle: we arrived late on the 2nd and left midday on the 3rd of January. Sophie is ridiculously funny. She's my godmother and she loves to treat my siblings and I & for this trip we stayed at the Fairmont Hotel. Let me walk through this trip with y'all. This is day 1 and I left some things out b/c I hate when there are too many photos.
We started the night off with a little trip to the Seattle Public Library. Sophie ooh'd and aww'd at everything. I don't think there's a library like this in little old Switzerland.

Why do maps from hotels always look like they were made for children? 
We went to about 4 bars to see if they were open. Sophie needed a drink but alas, the bars were all closed and she was very sad so we went early to the oyster bar: The Walrus and the Carpenter.
She's happy now.
Very Happy.
Oysters don't photograph as well as they slip and slide down your throat. Anthony Bourdain said they taste like mermaids and they really do.

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