Whenever I need a break from studying I take selfies. I was in the library and I kind of liked what the background was. 

I am now glued to these pants. I'm using Mariel's Bianchi this semester and they're the best bottoms to wear while on a bike. I will be wearing these babies in real good, y'all better watch out.

My realization: every once in a while I focus too much on how many followers I get. I don't want to do that on this blog. The reason why I stopped posting for so long is because I was worried that people who see the posts would be like, "Oh ew what is happening". But then I realized that a) not many people read this blog and b) it's my blog and it's meant for me to post stuff that I do on a daily basis and I'm in college so it's pretty much not going to be super fancy because I have other shit to do. 

I couldn't figure out which photo was less pooch-y. I asked Mariel if Levi's 501s were only for men because there is a bunch of extra fabric up in the waist area that literally creates folds and pooches left and right. They aren't just for men. I just bought a pair from Goodwill that do not properly fit me.

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