Wow the second photo is a little frightening...But I'm going to be healthier this semester. I already jumped on that last semester w/running and yoga and all that jazz but I'm going to bring it to the next level:

1. Stop wearing makeup:  I don't wear much in the first place--just eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara (no makeup in any of these photos). Now, there will be days where my puffiness will be ridiculously high, so I'll allow myself one makeup product. So only wear eye shadow, or only mascara. But whatever, I never wore foundation so, I can't be doing too much damage to my skin in the first place.
2. Treat myself: ...in the skin department. Buy eye cream and nice lotions and toners and moisturizers and cleansers. All from Kiehl's because I love their packaging and I already use most of their products.
3. Take care of my hair: I work out almost every day at school so I like to clean my hair every day. I'm going to try and reduce that to only 2-3 a week like you're supposed to and treat myself (yet again) to fun little hair lotions and whatnot from Bumble & Bumble.
4. Health post: I will be posting once a week about what I did that week for my health. I'm talking exercise and diet. I'll post what cardio I did and what I did in yoga and if I ate well or not or if I drank too much alcohol and blah blah blah. I think it will be fun to document all that jazz. So, visitors, tune in!


  1. wow you are a natural beauty, really! :) the braided hair fits you well. Your blog is great<3

    Do you want to follow each other? :)


  2. u should do what i do which is put my head in the freezer every morning before scalding my skin with boiling hot water which alsoi counts as breakfast and a snack

  3. You are beautiful. I like your blog so much that i followed it on gfc and because i use bloglovin i would love to follow your blog there also!:)

    x Marianne

  4. great!
    Do you want to follow each other? :)