I want this to be a true lifestyle blog and I've always been pretty active, so it seems natural that I'd include a "health" section to my blog, even though I may not be very healthy all the time (ahh as I'm writing this I'm thinking about how my siblings are about to pounce on this gem of a post and make fun of me for quite a while...). For example, winter break was quite awful - I didn't eat very well and didn't exercise enough so coming back to school is great because I can get back to my routine of eating well (ish) and exercising on a regular basis. 

This was my first week back and the first week of school is always a little hectic so my first priority was making sure my schedule was perfect (finally scored no school on Fridays!!). But here's a little recap:

Monday: 40 minutes on the elliptical
Tuesday: nothing (oops haha)
Wednesday: 40 minutes of yoga (it was the first class, we had a bit more instruction in the beginning, which is why we didn't get in a full hour)
Thursday: nothing
Friday: 2.5 hour bike ride along the beach
Saturday: 2.5 hour hike
Sunday: my sister and I are going to the gym later this afternoon

I can't wait for my yoga classes though, I took some last semester but just through our gym. Now I'm actually taking the class for credit so I'm waiting for it to pick up! 

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