the best groupies

Okay so they aren't groupies. Shoot me. But they funny funny funny and I want all of their coats. Like let me pile them all on me and walk around like it's no big deal. 
~this is another 8 Mile post so enjoy~
~~there are 10 photos don't hate~~

"[listing his nicknames]...and Big D. That's a double meaning ya know?" 
Oh is it? Thanks for lettin us know, Future.

DJ Iz was all about them saving bonds

 "Pictorials are for Playboy, fool. In fashion it's called editorial"-DJ Iz (thanks for clearing that one up, phew)
"Goddamn Frederick Douglass will you shut the fuck up"

"Man, get yo mad ramblin ass in the car" (lulz)

 "Shut yo preaching ass up"
This guy....
 "Ya, fuck the free world!" (aw, poor cheddar bob)
 Just a lil pump up time
Oh Mekhi.
Get it
Honestly, this guy.

It's such a cheesy movie but then there are funny things like the Chin Tiki in the other post and then these ridiculous quotes. And DJ Iz. Who the fuck is that guy.

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